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Thank you for your interest in the Stout Extravaganza 2024 organized by Westgate Brewers Incorporated, Footscray, VIC.

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  1. All entries online at Entries close 12 noon on Saturday 6th of July 2024.

  2. Entries must be received by Saturday 6th of July 2024 at 12 noon at one of the Drop-Off locations listed on the website under the Info tab.

  3. Stout Extravaganza will be judged using the AABC Style Guidelines (2019 version), available at:

  4. The list of accepted categories and styles are:

    Category Styles
    8 Porter 8.1 English Porter [BJCP 13C]
    8.2 American Porter [BJCP 20A]
    8.3 Baltic Porter [BJCP 9C]
    9 Stout 9.1 Sweet Stout [BJCP 16A]
    9.2 Irish Stout [BJCP 15B]
    9.3 Oatmeal Stout [BJCP 16B]
    9.4 Irish Extra Stout [BJCP 15C]
    10 Strong Stout 10.1 Tropical Stout [BJCP 16C]
    10.2 Foreign Extra Stout [BJCP 16D]
    10.3 American Stout [BJCP 20B]
    10.4 Imperial Stout [BJCP 20C]
    21 Specialty (Custom Style) 21.1 Specialty Porter
    21.2 Specialty Stout
    21.3 Specialty Strong Stout

  5. Maximum of 2 entries per category per brewer. Within this limit, only one entry per style. The beer style nominated must be a designated style for the category (as per AABC Style Guidelines). Organisers may reclassify or disqualify incorrectly nominated entries.

  6. Beers entered into the specialty category must have their ingredients and related AABC style listed. This is to assist with judging and also so that we may be made aware of ingredients (e.g. oysters, nuts, cranberries and other fruits, dairy) to which some people have allergies.

    The list of related AABC styles are:
        17.1 Fruit Beer
        17.2 Spice, Herb or vegetable Beer
        18.2 Classic Style Smoked Beer
        18.3 Specialty Smoked Beer
        18.4 Wood Aged Beer
        18.5 Specialty Wood Aged Beer
        18.6 Belgian Specialty Ale
        18.9 Experimental Beer

  7. Entries must be amateur brews. Beers fermented in a commercial brewery are ineligible.

  8. A minimum of 500ml is required per entry. If 2 bottles are required, they must be clearly marked as bottle 1 and 2 and preferably be taped together. Absolute maximum bottle dimensions are: diameter = 90mm; maximum height including cap or cork =300mm. Cost is $10 per entry.

  9. Beers in each Category will be judged by a panel of judges. Judging will be by blind tasting. Judges’ decision will be final. Completed score-sheets will be returned to entrants. Queued judging will be used for large categories with several judging panels and no scaling of scores to determine the placing.

  10. Trophies will be awarded for the 3 highest scoring beers in each category. In the event of tied scores, place-getters will be decided by progressive count-back as follows:
    a) highest score for Overall Impression;
    b) highest score for Flavour;
    c) smallest spread in total scores (smallest difference between highest and lowest scores);
    d) the judging panel will be requested to resolve the tie.

  11. Brewer of Show will be awarded to the highest scoring beer in the competition. In the event of a tie, a progressive count-back will be used as for category placing.

  12. Club of Show will be determined by the sum of placing points awarded:
    1st: 3 points,
    2nd: 2 points;
    3rd: 1 point.

    In the event of a tie, then the sum of the placing points times the judging points will be used to decide the winners. For example, a win (3 placing points) for a beer receiving 130 judging points and a third place (1 placing point) for a beer receiving 110 judging points would have a total of 3 x 130 + 1 x 110 = 500 points. If there is still a tie, then joint winners will be declared.

  13. Best Novice will be awarded to the highest score by a Victorian brewer who has not placed in a VicBrew accredited competition. In the event of a tie, a progressive count-back will be used as for category placing. 

  14. The competition will be judged Sunday 21st July at the the Footscray Canoe Club, 40 Farnsworth Ave (cnr Maribyrnong Blvd), Footscray, Victoria.

  15. Presentations will be made at the venue after all judging has been completed, approximately 5pm.

  16. Stout Extravaganza is a Vicbrew and BJCP registered competition.

  17. Personal information provided by brewers with their entries will only be used for the conduct of the competition. This information will not be released to third parties, other than the names of brewers and their brew club, which will be published in the results lists for the competition.

Number of Bottles Required Per Entry: 1

Competition Official

You can send an email to any of the following individuals via Contact.

  • Westgate Brewers — Committee


Westgate Brewers Incorporated is proud to have the following sponsors for the Stout Extravaganza 2024.

3 Ravens
1 Theobald St Thornbury Victoria 3071
3 Ravens
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